If you're planning a road trip this summer, keep these tips in mind. Stay alert and stay safe!

Don't Overload:

It's amazing how quickly a car's trunk can fill up! Make sure to distribute your belongings evenly throughout the cargo space so that one section of the car isn't more heavily weighted down. 

Keep the Kids Happy:

"MOM?! Are we there yet?!" Be sure to pack plenty of snacks, spare clothing and entertaining items so the littlest passengers enjoy their ride instead of becoming a distraction. 

Keep it Clear:

Cramming in some last-minute items? Make sure the driver can keep a clear line of sight with all mirrors and windows.

Prepare Your Roof Rack:

Don't forget the car has grown taller! Read the owner's manual before embarking on your next trip; be aware of the weight limit and added height to ensure an accident-free trip.

Know the Route:

The map app on your phone isn't the Be All End All! Study the route before leaving town in order to steer clear of any dangerous last-minute turns and lane changes. 

Secure the Animals:

Little Fido shouldn't be allowed to roam freely, even if he's curled up taking a nap! Pets can become a huge distraction in the car, make sure they are properly restrained so that every living being in the car stays safe and secure. 

Cruise Carefully:

"Life is a highway, I'm gonna ride it allllll night long!" Cruise control can be a very helpful tool, but be careful when using it on longer trips, as it can cause drivers to take their attention off the road.

Take a Break:

Bathroom stop? Snack stop? Gas stop? Whatever the reason, take the opportunity to pull over, stretch your legs and take a breath of fresh air. This prevents the driver from becoming overtired and tends to keep the other passengers happy as well.

Put Down the Phone:

Texting and driving is a terrible idea. We all know it! 64% of all driving accidents in the United States are cell phone related. It can wait!